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The "B" Horse Angle

Always remember the basic money management rule. Never bet more than 5% of your total bankroll on any one race.

On our GOLD Reports you will notice a dotted line with the letter "A" and a dotted line with the letter "B" in most races. We have written about the A Group and B Group in several other articles located on the Handicapper Digest page. This "B Horse Angle" is yet another solid way to use the groups. The top 4 picks on the GOLD Report is Group A. Picks 5,6 and 7 are Group B. We have gotten much feedback from our members that using the "Top of the B's" horse is an awesome angle when playing the exotics like exactas, trifectas, pick 3's, etc. What exactly is the "Top of the B's" you ask?. Simply put, it is the 5th pick on the GOLD Report. He is the first horse under the A with the dotted line hence making him the top horse in Group B (the 5th pick). Over the years we found that the 5th pick on our reports means something special. That horse seems to make the exotics at generous odds at an usual high rate. Sometimes that horse even wins at those big odds. Our GOLD Report makes it very easy to spot that horse. For just one example, a nice bet for exactas is to box the Top Pick with that 5th pick. There are dozens of other ways to use the 5th pick. Experiment a little at the track(s) you play. In doing this you will see how that "Top of the B's" horse can fit into your wagering style. As always we suggest taking notes. A notebook, a pen and a few minutes of your time each day can give you huge rewards as a horseplayer!. NOTE: As mentioned in other articles we have written, keep an eye on picks 6 and 7 as well. If they are going off at long odds in a big field you might want to use them underneath in the exotics.


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