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The Distance Factor

To narrow down the contenders in a race - it all starts with distance. One of the most important factors in the handicapping process is distance. Does the horse have a good record at today's distance? Does his pedigree suggest he can get the distance? Some horses love certain distances. Some distances are tough like 7 furlongs. This distance is probably the toughest for a horse to handle. When you do see a horse with a good record going 7f and today's distance is 7f it should be considered an automatic contender. Distance record at 8f and 9f should also be considered highly in those appropriate races.

Some horses have a good win % at today's distance, others finish in the money at a high % at today's distance.

On our reports look for the distance icon and the appropriate comment lines. Also on our reports we have the best pedigree for the distance (one horse) in each race. Look for the icon.


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