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Pace Ratings - Track Diagram

In the ongoing effort to help you become a better horseplayer we give to you a chart diagram. This tool will help you use our pace ratings to "paint a mental picture of every race". The diagram is based on a one mile track. Obviously on big tracks like Belmont Park the poles will be in slightly different locations. Most tracks, however, are one mile in distance.

This exciting tool can be viewed: here

Also while we are on the subject of pace, a note about late scratches. You know, the scratches announced before the 1st race and on occasion later. If a horse(s) scratches from a race you want to play, take a look at the pace shape to see if the scratch affects it or not. For example if there were two E8's, need to lead types, that figured to hook in a duel. If one of them scratches that gives the other an increased chance, etc, etc.


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