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The Type A and Type B
 Horseplayer. Which Type Are You?

There are only 2 types of horseplayers. Bankroll has no consideration in either case nor does experience or the lack thereof. You must be very honest with yourself or this means nothing. This article was written to help you become a better horseplayer. Read, think, absorb, think more and then - do what you need to do to improve. Our business mission is dedicated to the horseplayer so keep that in the front of your mind as you read this.

Which type are you? If you find you are a type B player you can change!. It is never too late to become a type A player!. Whether you are 18 years old or 80, you can still become a type A player. All you need is honesty and willingness to start becoming a winner.

Horseplayer Type A enjoys the challenge of the game. He likes the fact that each race is a new opportunity. His mind is set on making a profit, his actions are methodical, he has an open mind and a willingness. He has good habits and a wagering plan that is proven and solid. He knows his limits and his average. He plays with a cool head and is very confident. He knows tomorrow is another day so if he has a bad day it does not bother him. He knows the good days outweigh the bad days. He also knows that he can't possibly bet every race on the card(s) with the expectation for success. The Type A player enjoys the game and finds it a relaxation process yet exciting as well. Does this not describe you? Do you want to become a Type A player? If you follow our advice in the Handicapper Digest (using our reports) and on the Member Page, we guarantee you will improve as a horseplayer. When you become a member of RacingPicks.Com you make the move in the direction of the profitable horseplayer.

Horseplayer Type B is on the other side of the spectrum. Believe it or not, most horseplayers are currently type B. He is a masochist of sorts. A definition for the word masochism: "A tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences." Losing money as a horseplayer is certainly an "unpleasant experience" is it not?. This type of horseplayer has no plan or, at best, a loose guideline he goes by. He ends up very frustrated very frequently and just can not find that "holy grail" he spends his whole life looking for. Sometimes, or all the time, he drinks alcohol while playing. He makes the same mistakes over and over yet expecting different results. He is overcome by fear to just find the winner of a race and by doing this he loses sight of what is ultimately important (making a profit). The Type B player gets stressed out in the game and usually ends up losing his bankroll.

If, by being honest with yourself, you find that you are a Type A player then we say congratulations!. You represent less than 20% of all horseplayers. If, by being totally honest with yourself, you find that you are a Type B player then we say "it is never too late to change!". Don't feel so bad, you represent the majority but in this case that is not a safe place to be. Oh by the way there is really a 3rd type of player. We can call him a Type X because he just doesn't care. He really doesn't care if he wins or loses (so he convinces himself and others). As long as he has a good time that's what matters. Most Type X players actually fall into the Type B category but won't admit it. Back

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