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Racing Dates

The following is a list of each track that we currently have reports for and the dates that they are running. Click on the track ID to go to the website for that track. Click on the Weather link if you want to see a weather report from The Weather Channel for the location of the track.

Track ID Track Name Running Dates Weather Audio/Video
ALB Albuquerque April 9th - July 5th; Sept 10th - Sept 26th Weather  
ANF Anthony Downs July 9th - July 18th; Sept 11th - Sept 19th Weather  
AQU Aqueduct Jan 1st - May 1st; Nov 2 - Dec 31st Weather Audio
ARP Arapahoe Park July 3rd - Sept 6th Weather  
APX Arlington Park May 13th - Sept 18th Weather Audio/Video
ASD Assiniboia Downs May 2nd - Oct 3rd Weather  
ATL Atlantic City May 5th - May 19th Weather  
BMX Bay Meadows Feb 2nd - May 7th Weather Audio/Video
BMF Bay Meadows Fair Aug 11th - Aug 23rd Weather  
BEL Belmont Park May 4th - July 24th; Sept 9th - Oct 30th Weather Audio/Video
BEU Beulah Park Jan 8th - May 7th; Sept 24th - Dec 20 Weather  
BRD Blue Ribbon Downs Feb 21st - May1st; Aug 6th - Oct 30th Weather  
BFX Brockton Fair July 1st - July 25th; July 27th - Aug 21st Weather  
BCF Brown County May 15th - May 31st Weather  
CRC Calder Race Course April 26th - Jan 2nd Weather Audio/Video
CBY Canterbury Park May 14th - Sept 6th Weather  
CTX Charles Town Jan 1st - Dec 31st Weather  
CPW Chippewa Downs June 12th - June 27th Weather  
CDC Churchill Downs April 30th - July 11th; Oct 30th - Nov 26th Weather Audio/Video
CNL Colonial Downs June 11th - July 26th Weather Audio/Video
CLS Columbus July 23rd - Sept 12th Weather  
DMR Del Mar July 21st - Sept 8th Weather Audio/Video
DEL Delaware Park April 24th - Nov 7th Weather  
DED Delta Downs Oct 1st - April 2nd Weather Audio/Video
ELP Ellis Park July 7th - Sept 6th Weather Audio/Video
EMD Emerald Downs April 15th - Oct 16th Weather Audio/Video
EMT Emmett April 17th - April 25th Weather  
EUR Eureka May 1st - July 4th Weather  
EVD Evangeline Downs April 7th - Sept 5th Weather  
FGX Fair Grounds Nov 25th - March 27th Weather  
FMT Fair Meadows Tulsa May 27th - July 24th Weather  
FPK Fairmount Park Mar 25th - Nov 26th Weather  
FPX Fairplex Park Sept 10th - Sept 26th Weather  
FER Ferndale Aug 12th - Aug 22nd Weather Audio/Video
FLX Finger Lakes April 16th - Nov 27th Weather  
FON Fonner Park Feb 14th - May 8th Weather  
FEX Fort Erie May 1st - Sept 6th Weather Audio/Video
FTP Fort Pierre April 17th - May 9th Weather  
FNO Fresno Oct 6th - Oct 17th Weather Audio/Video
GIL Gillespie County July 3rd - Aug 29th Weather  
GLW Glenwood Training
No live racing in 2004 Weather  
GGX Golden Gate Fields Nov 10th - Jan 30th Weather Audio/Video
GPR Grande Prairie July 9th - Aug 22nd Weather  
GRP Grant's Pass May 15th - July 5th Weather  
GFX Great Falls July 3rd - Aug 1st Weather  
GLD Great Lakes Downs April 25th - Oct 30th Weather  
DUN Greenlee County Mar 13th - Mar 21st Weather  
GPX Gulfstream Park Jan 3rd - April 24th Weather Audio/Video
HST Hastings Park April 17th - Nov 28th Weather  
HAW Hawthorne Park Feb 13th - May 10th; Sept 23rd - Jan 2nd Weather Audio/Video
Audio Only
HOL Hollywood Park April 21st - July 18th; Nov 3rd - Dec 20th Weather Audio/Video
HOO Hoosier Park Sept 2nd - Nov 21st Weather Audio/Video
KEE Keeneland April 8th - April 29th; Oct 7th - Oct 29th Weather  
KDX Kentucky Downs Sept 18th - Sept 28th Weather Audio/Video
KIN Kin Park July 11th - Aug 1st Weather  
LRL Laurel Park TBA - March 28th Weather Audio/Video
BOI Les Bois May 1st - Aug 15th Weather  
LBG Lethbridge May 1st - July 4th; Sept 4th - Oct 31st Weather  
LNN Lincoln Fair May 14th - July 11th Weather  
LSX Lone Star Park April 14th - July 17th Weather Audio/Video
LAX Los Alamitos   Weather Audio/Video
LAD Louisiana Downs April 29th - October 9th Weather  
MAN Manor Downs Feb 28th - April 25th Weather  
MDX Marquis Downs May 28th - Sept 11th Weather  
MED Meadowlands Oct 1st - Nov 13th Weather Audio/Video
MTH Monmouth Park May 14th - Sept 25th Weather Audio/Video
MNR Mountaineer Park Jan 1st - Dec 31st Weather Audio/Video
MPM Mt. Pleasant Meadows May 1st - Sept 26th Weather  
FAR North Dakota Horse Park Aug 6th - Sept 6th Weather  
NMP Northampton Sept 3rd - Sept 19th Weather  
NPX Northlands Park June 25th - Oct 30th Weather  
OPX Oaklawn Park Jan 21st - April 16th Weather Audio/Video
PEN Penn National Jan 1st - Dec 31st Weather  
PHA Philadelphia Park Jan 1st - Dec 31st Weather Audio/Video
PIM Pimlico Open until Laurel ready for racing Weather Audio/Video
PLN Pleasanton June 30th - July 11th Weather Audio/Video
POD Pocatello Downs May 15th - June 6th Weather  
PMX Portland Meadows Oct 16th - April 24th Weather Audio/Video
PRM Prairie Meadows April 16th - Sept 25th Weather Audio/Video
RPX Remington Park Aug 6th - Dec 5th Weather  
RET Retama Park July 23rd - Sept 25th Weather Audio/Video
RIL Rillito Jan 17th - Feb 29th Weather  
RDX River Downs April 15th - Sept 5th Weather  
RUI Ruidoso Downs May 28th - Sept 6th Weather  
SAC Sacramento Aug 25th - Sept 6th Weather Audio/Video
HOU Sam Houston Park Jan 2nd - April 10th; Nov 17th - Dec 23rd Weather Audio/Video
SDY Sandy Downs Sept 18th - Oct 10th Weather  
SAX Santa Anita Park Dec 26th - April 18th Weather Audio/Video
SON Santa Cruz County April 24th - May 2nd Weather  
SRX Santa Rosa July 28th - Aug 9th Weather Audio/Video
SAR Saratoga July 27th - Sept 5th Weather Audio/Video
SOL Solano July 14th - July 25th Weather Audio/Video
STP Stampede Park April 2nd - June 20th Weather  
STK Stockton June 16th - Jun 27th Weather Audio/Video
SUF Suffolk Downs May 1st - Nov 30th Weather  
SUD Sun Downs April 3rd - May 2nd Weather  
SRP SunRay Park Aug 2nd - Sept 7th; Sept 27th - Nov 2nd Weather  
SUN Sunland Park Nov 5th - April 3rd Weather Audio/Video
TAM Tampa Bay Downs Dec 11th - May 8th Weather  
TDN Thistledown April 8th - Dec 31st Weather  
TIM Timonium Aug 28th - Sept 6th Weather  
TUP Turf Paradise October 1st - May 22nd Weather Audio
TPX Turfway Park Jan 1st - April 7th; Sept 7th - Oct 6th; Nov 27th - Dec 31st Weather Audio/Video
WWX Walla Walla May 8th - May 9th; Sept 3rd - Sept 5th Weather  
WOX Woodbine April 17th - Dec 12th Weather  
WDS Woodlands Sept 21st - Oct 30th Weather  
WYO Wyoming Downs Jun 26th - Aug 22nd Weather  
YAV Yavapai Downs May 22nd - Sept 7th Weather  
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