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Trends & Cycles in Horse Racing

Can Make You Profit or Break Your Bankroll

In a game that is always changing we horseplayers need to spot the trends, be flexible and able to conform to those trends. Some of the factors of handicapping that many bettors don't pay enough attention to are patterns/cycles/trends of racing in general and at your track. Every horse, trainer, racetrack and jockey go through a pattern of highs and lows. Each horse, trainer, racetrack and jockey has a different pattern. Learning how to spot those trends and incorporate that knowledge with other basic handicapping can land you some winners at nice odds. It can also keep your loosing streaks at a minimum and your winning streaks at a maximum.

You know those days where all the chalk (favorites) wins or, conversely, longshots rule. Just as a horse goes through a cycle so does a racetrack's condition book. It doesn't matter what track or when, the fact is that there are only a certain number of races that lay out nice where the conditions are favorable to make a profit. Every track shows patterns or periods of time when the condition book brings together some nice races then a cycle of races that are not condusive to making a profit. Knowing when to jump in during the favorable patterns during the meet and back off during those unfavorable periods is one of the important keys to making profit in this game!. The profitable horseplayer learns to adapt to these conditions and makes sure he/she does not get stuck with one dimensional thinking.

Since many horseplayers can't wait days or weeks in between wagers it is suggested that you bet light during the period when the racing is not favorable to you, the bettor. How can you spot those trends in racing? Paying close attention and keeping records is how. Keep detailed records of every wager you make and of the results of your wagers. Those that want to make a profit year in and year out pay attention and keep notes. A little effort goes a long way in this game. A quote we like to use when referring to our reports:  "An ounce of effort delivers a pound of results".


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