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Win Bet Strategies

Always remember the basic money management rule. Never bet more than 5% of your total bankroll on any one race.

It has been proven by many experts that betting overlays to win is the best way to make a long term profit in this game. You will need a good 8-10 race card to bet from.

Let's keep in mind our bankroll management rule of never betting more than 5% of total bankroll on any one race. The term 'bankroll' refers to the money we set aside for wagering. NEVER wager with money meant to pay your bills with. Take a look at OUR TRUE ODDS for the top 4 picks (GROUP 1) on our DIAMOND REPORT or GOLD REPORT. You will make a win bet of 4 units (a win bet unit = $2, $3, $4 etc) on the horse who has the best (horse's near post time odds are = to or higher than our true odds) odds near post time (or the overlay you like best). Now take a look at our true odds on picks 5,6 and 7 (GROUP 2). Find the best overlay of this group and bet that horse to win 1 unit. Most of you will have $2 = 1 unit so in this example you would wager $8 to win on the horse you select from group 1 and $2 to win on the horse you select from group 2. This is a conservative yet potentially very strong way to make a profit. Would you rather cash 40% winners and lose money or 20% winners and make money?


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