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The Workouts: There is Profit
to be Found Using this Classic Information

Very often how a horse has been training in the morning will indicate what kind of shape it's in.

Using workout information as a source for prognosticating future performance in a thoroughbred is an old handicapping angle that seems to be less important these days. Not less important to making a profit just less important to average horseplayer. This is a very good opportunity for anyone using workout information currently!

For the most part when a normal horse starts to show signs of improvement in the a.m. it can be a sign of pending overall improvement. So what is considered a "good workout(s)"?. There are 2 proven ways to measure the progress of a horse's possible form by its workouts.
  1. The PATTERN of the workouts. This angle will point you towards a lot of longshot winners. If the works are spaced out in a 5-7 day period this is usually a good sign. For example if a horse hasn't raced in 30 days or so but during the last 3 weeks it worked 3-4 times then that horse should be in good shape. Also some trainers like to throw in a 3f "tightener" a few days before the race. On our reports you will see WRK PTS. This rating is Workout Points. With a 100 rating being ideal space in between each workout each horse has had in relative to it's last start. We have members that use our workout points as a main focus to their entire betting process. These members have reported some big longshot winners to us.

  2. The TIME of the workouts. If a horse works a "bullet" it means that horse worked the fastest for that distance that day at that track. Bullet works are strong. Also any horse that worked in the top percentile of all who worked that day at that distance should be given credit for a strong workout.

  3. Both of these types of workouts for each horse is noted on our reports with the icon and the appropriate comment in the analysis. Keep in mind that ANY horse with workout points between 95 and 105 is most likely well meant. On the West coast the trainers seem to work the horses more frequent and you will see workout points like 115 and above more frequent.

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